Experience CapFast for UNIX version!

Now you can download a copy of CapFast for evaluation through the end of March (Solaris and HP/UX versions only).  Here's how:

1. Download the software from our ftp server:
    Solaris 2.5+ version:  ftp.phase3.com/pub/phase3/solaris/CF-EPICS.tar.Z
        (Note: requires ld.so.1)
    HP/UX 9.01+ version:  ftp.phase3.com/pub/phase3/hp-pa/CF-EPICS.tar.Z

2. Read and follow the installation instructions:

3. Please fill out the Evaluation Request Form to obtain your license. You will be contacted upon your submission.

4. To run the programs, enter one of the following commands.
    Schematic Editor: ~p3/wcs/bin/xschedit
    Symbol Editor: ~p3/wcs/bin/xsymed
    EDIF Netlister: ~p3/wcs/bin/sch2edif

Documentation is available in Microsoft Word 6.0 format at ftp://ftp.phase3.com/pub/phase3/cf_man.  Release notes for this version are available at  ftp://ftp.phase3.com/pub/phase3/rel_note_3_10_1.txt.

If you want to use CapFast for EPICS development, you will need additional programs (e2sr and sr2db, I believe), the EPICS symbol library for CapFast, and the EPICS menus for CapFast.  For more information, please contact an EPICS member who uses CapFast. Also, a tutorial of how to use CapFast as a graphical EPICS database configuration tool is available at http://www.atdiv.lanl.gov/aot8/epics/dbase/capfast/cpfst.htm

If you have any problems or questions regarding installation or use of CapFast, please contact our technical support team at  support@phase3.com or 503-645-1551.